For App Icon - 1024
x 1024 png or jpg image
is recommended

For tvOS - 1280
x 768 png or jpg image
is recommended

Select platform type
to generate icons for
Simply drag and drop
your icon file here

Click to show generated
icon and assets
Use Colours to
generated icon
Directory where
generated icon and
assets will be saved

Click to show your
generating assets


Major Features of icon & Assets are :

Easily Generate Icon

Only three easy steps (drag, drop and save) to generate icons in all sizes.

Support Various OS

Get icons for multiple platforms at once i.e. iOS, tvOS, OS X, Android, WatchOS

Provide High Quality

We also provide a best quality of icons in different OS

Just drop & get

Just drag & drop your png or jpg icon and get your all icon with high quality

Save your own Directory

Just drag & drop your icon and specify a directory to recieve the icons

icon & Assets helps designers, developers and project managers make and
resize icons for iOS, tvOS, OS X, WatchOS and Android apps. It is an icon
resizer which optimizes your app icon designs automatically, and
generates icons of all sizes you need before you submit your applications
to app stores.


iConAssets - Easiest way to generate icons assets for iOS, OS X (including icns file), tvOS, WatchOS and Android. Just Drag and Drop icon file in app and your icons will be generated for all selected platforms with single click.

Also generates icns and iTunesArtWork images as well. Drag and Drop "AppIcon.appiconset" in xcode assets and it's Done.